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How to Find People on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social network site on the Internet and there are so many users who have been used it as their virtual media to communicate with friends, family, your teacher, co workers, customers, clients and more With Facebook you can even communicate with other people from around the world. If you're looking at how to find people via the internet then Facebook is the right choice that you can use right now, you do not need to use premium people search service or hire private investigator because you have to spend money and time, if you want a quick and free people search then Facebook is the answer. Basically searching for someone on Facebook is quite easy but sometimes it's not easy task for certain people who not familiar with internet and websites.
In addition, by using Facebook you can also easily find your old friends who've lost contact with you. You do not need to waste time and money to search for people via the Internet because you can use Facebook to get someone information and find your old friends. You can find people based on their names, email addresses, find people based on family name or even by telephone number. Besides using the Facebook standard search feature you also can try various application or website that was developed third parties that allow you to search for people who are on Facebook, one well known application that Facebook Advance search, this app allow you to search for people on Facebook directly from Facebook itself, just open the app, click permission button to give access to your Facebook account then begin your search 
This application will help you in finding people that you are looking for, the search results include person's name, address and even phone number if the privacy setting of the person that appear in search results was set to public. But in my opinion this application is not better than original Facebook people search; the standard Facebook people search is better and accurate. Simply open your Facebook home page and look at the search bar at the top bar, type the name of the person you wish to search, within a few seconds Facebook will show a lot of search results. You need to spend a little time and patience to choose the right search results, if still can't find the person you could try another search like search by email, surname or mutual friends