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Leveraging Facebook Fans Turns into Sweet Deal

The Official Luzianne Tea page recently hit 10,000 fans after being started merely 5 months before. This is a pretty big feat for the small Connecticut Agency that manages the page; Leverage Marketing Group just hired its first full-time Social Media Account Executive less than a year ago.
The page, which is managed by Jennifer Brabson, has leveraged the influencers of the famous southern iced tea brand not only across the south, but also across the entire United States. "My objective really was to raise awareness that Luzianne is not only the brand of tea that your grandmother used to make, it's now for every generation all over the country," she says. Leverage created the page in January as an integrated tool for spreading the word about Luzianne's Specially Blended Sweepstakes and wet sampling tour.
The iced tea's page saw the largest growth in June, which was National Iced Tea Month. Leverage created ads that targeted the cities that the tour was visiting as well as targeting people within the thirty regions of the country, which best fits Luzianne's demographics. Altogether, the ads generate more than 4.7 million impressions.
"Social media is the new word-of-mouth, it has an immediate effect on a brand's presence online. The people on our page are really more like ambassadors for the product than mere fans, they "like" the brand and encourage those around them to "like" and even taste the brand," muses Brabson " they're definitely enthusiastic."
One of the themes that generated a lot of buzz on the Facebook page was a national poll. The "R U SWEET or UNSWEET" poll spread across Facebook like wildfire. Each week one random fan that had voted in the poll was sent coupons for the tea. Creating engaging content and relating with the fans as if they were friends and not customers has been the success of the Official Luzianne Tea page.
About Luzianne and Reily Foods Company Based in one of the world's great culinary centers, New Orleans, Louisiana, the Reily Foods Company has flourished since its inception in 1902. Today, Reily Foods continues to make quality coffees, but also offers teas, mayonnaise, Cajun-Creole foods, seasonings, sauces, salad dressings, and chili kits. In fact, the most popular brand, Luzianne Tea, is a Reily original that's been made by the family owned company for generations. This January, Luzianne Tea's Specially Blended Sweepstakes began offering participants a chance to win an RV, to be drawn in early 2012 and awarded randomly. In May, Luzianne Tea's Specially Blended Tour kicked off in Austin, TX and will travel across the Southern US throughout the summer.