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What Makes Zynga Poker Game so Popular on Facebook?

Do you know each month there 12 million people actively playing this poker game on facebook. So you know that internet social network is integrating with games to create another popular trend. There are huge amount of folks are involved in this game, but it is so far from zynga's aim to become a giant in this industry. Zynga poker game is the third popular game in the facebook applications nowadays, at any time of the day you will notice there are at least 2 million people logging in to play this game.
Why so many people are playing this game when there are virtually no cash involved. Why so many people playing around some poker chips which have no value at all. The trick is to combine social networking with Hold'em game which already has a huge player basis in the US and around the world. It simulates real casino in that you can meet real buddies while talking to them. You can invite your online pals to join the game and get to know new people who joined in the game. It is really interesting to see a competition among your friends and you can run a championship to see which one will get most poker chips. There is no real skills required and no risks involved but you can see which one win in this game, just like participating a real game. The mere flash application embedded in webpage is really easy to download and easy to play. Zynga has developed the game so much in the recent years and added more attractive features, which ensures its quality ever since its development.
The game can be addictive and when you play don't get into it too much. There is one of things necessary to play the game, which is poker chips which be bought online. There are a bunch of websites where I buy chips at the cheapest price but I recommend buy for your reference since it is the cheapest price. When people play, there are actually millions of chips in winning or losing. Both can be costly and when people are interested, they are looking to buy Zynga Poker Chips in large numbers. I am quite sure that many people spend hours playing this game just for some virtual poker chips. There are some tricks and strategies around this game and you can try that to gain more chances of winning.